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Child Care Providers

An average child care room produces nearly 2 tons of dirty disposable diapers that go into our landfills - filling the environment with chemicals and plastics. Don't be an average childcare!  

Our All-In-One cloth diapers are so easy to use and care for. As many new parents are prioritizing a non-toxic lifestyle and caring for our environment, cloth diapering is on the rise. Let Do Good Baby help set you up for success with cloth diapering and meet the needs of your families. 

Interested in using cloth diapers at your facility or have some questions?

Give us a call today at 612.990.2183. We would love to talk through our cloth diapers, pricing, setting up a wash process and develop a Do Good relationship. 


"Do Good has been exceedingly helpful at finding a solution to our diapering needs. Their cloth diapers are easy to use, and have proven themselves to be durable over time. Our families love our commitment to the environment by using cloth diapers exclusively, and Do Good has made this process effortless for us. I would recommend Do Good to anyone looking to make the switch without the hassle."

Patrick, Operations Manager Child Garden Montessori School, Minneapolis, MN

"When I started my in-home day care, I wanted to attract clients and stand out in the market. To do so, I used Do Good to offer cloth diapers to my clients while their children were in my care.  Families using cloth loved it, as it meant less washing and hauling of diapers for them, and families using disposables really loved it, because it saved them money on their diaper costs!  I loved it because it GREATLY reduced the amount of waste I produced every week, because it helped families see how easy cloth diapering could be, and because Peter and the Do Good crew are so responsive, kind, and fun to work with. I so appreciated having them in my corner as a small business owner!"