Really good diapers that help parents do better for the planet

We know cloth diapers!

We have washed and delivered millions of cloth diapers over the last 14 years. We’ve curated our All-In-One diaper to be a reliable and effective cloth diaper that lasts! Do Good Baby cloth diapers are absorbent, easy to use and affordable.

Want To Learn More About Cloth Diapers?

We offer free online classes to answer all of your cloth diapering questions and to set you up for success in your cloth diapering journey!


Do Good has been exceedingly helpful at finding a solution to our diapering needs. Their cloth diapers are easy to use, and have proven themselves to be durable over time. Our families love our commitment to the environment by using cloth diapers exclusively.

-Patrick, Child Garden Montessori School, MN

Do Good is super friendly, cheaper than buying disposable diapers, and a helpful partner when it comes to trying to limit our contribution to plastic islands in the ocean. I love not having to think about diaper runs every week and wondering what'll be in stock!

- Loe L., Minnesota